THE DOCTOR (Paul McGann) is a mysterious traveller in time and space, whose only real home is his fantastical ship, the TARDIS. In his eighth incarnation, the Doctor is enthusiastic, inquisitive and full of life – which might explain why he finds it so easy to befriend people who want to travel with him… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)





































































































































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16 year-old Coal Hill schoolgirl SAMANTHA ANGELINE JONES first crossed paths with the Doctor in 1997 when he rescued her from a bunch of drug-dealers in an old junkyard on Totters’ Lane, London. The clean-living activist subsequently become enamoured with the Time Lord, accompanying him on a number of adventures before being cast adrift in a hostile future. When the Doctor finally tracked her down a number of years later, with her puerile crush behind her, Sam’s adventures would really begin… When STACY TOWNSEND’s starship came under attack by Cybermen, the Doctor - having left Sam at a Greenpeace rally - responded to the distress call and defeated the silver giants, but not in time to save the ship's crew. Stacy found herself the sole survivor, with nowhere to go but inside the Time Lord’s strange blue box… SSARD joined the Doctor and Stacy aboard the TARDIS after the Doctor resolved a conflict between two rival families of Ice Warriors on Mars. Little was Ssard to know that once their travels with the Doctor had ended, his relationship with Stacy would blossom… BERNICE SUMMERFIELD (Lisa Bowerman) is a professor of archaeology and then some. Over the course of her eventful life, Benny has had time to develop more than a few additional fighting skills, which she regularly puts to use in fighting evil and whatnot, occasionally alongside her old friend the new Doctor… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Isabelle Sinclair (Jemima Rooper), was born to unknown parents in 1979, but brought up in the sleepy village of Stockbridge by adoptive parents Les and Sandra Sinclair. Sci-fi nut 'IZZY' boarded the TARDIS in 1996, after helping the Doctor escape a trap set by the Celestial Toymaker… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) An amphibious humanoid with scaly skin, claws and a face resembling that of a fish, the Doctor found PRIMATRIX DESTRIIANATOS (or 'DESTRII', for short) to be an Born in 1797, MARY SHELLEY (Julie Cox) wrote “Frankenstein” (1818) – conceived, she always claimed, during her residency at the Villa Diodati, Switzerland, in the company of Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, John Polidori ,and Claire Clairmont. But Mary wasn’t telling the whole truth… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) ROMANADVORATRELUNDAR (Lalla Ward), or simply 'ROMANA', first boarded the TARDIS at the request of the White Guardian whilst the Doctor was in his fourth incarnation and she was in her first. A highly intelligent and capable Time Lady who does not suffer fools gladly, Romana would go on to become President of the Time Lords – an office that she held when she first encountered the Doctor’s eighth incarnation, who needed her help to put paid to some unfinished business in Cambridge… A librarian from Folkestone, SAMSON GRIFFIN (Lee Ingleby) and his sister, Gemma, travelled with the Doctor following a chance encounter in Folkestone Library. The Doctor took the pair to the planets Porteus and Murgatroyd, the Ice Caves of Shabadabadon, the court of Queen Elizabeth I, prehistoric Earth, and even Studio 54. However, after encountering a Nekkistani time cruiser in the Time Vortex, Samson’s travels with “the Skipper” would be brought to an abrupt and traumatic end…GEMMA GRIFFIN (Lizzie Hopley) and her brother, Samson, travelled with the Doctor following a chance encounter in Folkestone Library. The Doctor took the pair to the planets Porteus and Murgatroyd, the Ice Caves of Shabadabadon, the court of Queen Elizabeth I, prehistoric Earth, and even Studio 54. However, after encountering a Nekkistani time cruiser in the Time Vortex, Gemma’s travels with “the Skipper” would be brought to an abrupt and traumatic end… Charlotte Elspeth Pollard (India Fisher) - 'CHARLEY' to her friends – was rescued by the Doctor from aboard the ill-fated airship R101 in 1930. With scant regard for her own safety, and against the Doctor’s wishes, Charley would accompany her new best friend into a Divergent Universe, knowing that she might never see Earth – or anyone she had ever known and loved – again... (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) BRIGADIER ALISTAIR GORDON LETHBRIDGE-STEWART (Nicholas Courtney) provided much-needed contrast to the third Doctor’s flamboyant excesses. Their relationship was not without tension, however, as the Brigadier often sought military solutions to alien incursions while the Doctor was working to ensure a peaceful outcome. They always retained a deep sense of mutual respect and friendship though; a friendship that would be rekindled in 1997 when the Ice Warriors invaded the Earth… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Though an outwardly peaceful man, C’RIZZ’ (Conrad Westmaas) past was not as pure and innocent as Charley and the Doctor had believed. Genetically engineered to absorb the colours, emotions and even the ideals of those around him, C’rizz would have to fight to stop himself getting lost amongst the myriad of personalities within his mind. Personalities that were once alive… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) FITZGERALD MICHAEL KREINER (Matt Di Angelo), known simply as 'FITZ', was born in Germany in 1936, but brought up in London’s Archway. Fitz is a drinker, smoker, ladies’ man… oh, and dreamer. He boarded the TARDIS after helping the Doctor uncover aliens in a mental home in 1963… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Invariably disdainful of those around her, LAURA TOBIN was given the ironic moniker 'COMPASSION' – a name that she was known by when she encountered the Doctor and his companions in 1996. Originally hailing from a people known as the Remote (a splinter group of the time-travelling voodoo cult Faction Paradox) Compassion found herself homeless when the Time Lords destroyed the Remote colony on the planet Ordifica. But she wasn’t homeless for long… 28 year-old stockbroker ANJI KAPOOR met the Doctor and Fitz in 2001, just prior to the death of her boyfriend Dave – an event that would change her life forever… Con artist Beatrix MacMillan, or simply 'TRIX', stowed away aboard the TARDIS after posing as a descendant of Tsar Nicholas II at the behest of the Doctor’s arch-enemy, Sabbath… LUCIE MILLER (Sheridan Smith) is a no-nonsense 19 year-old from Blackpool who ended up in the TARDIS when the Time Lords made an administrative error, placing her on a ‘witness protection scheme’ and assigning the Doctor to look after her. The TARDIS, as it turned out, would not operate without Lucie in it and couldn’t return her home, so she and the Doctor were stuck together… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Testing out possible new companions, the Doctor gave hard-nosed business babe ‘Juliet Walsh’ the boot… then discovered that ‘Juliet’ was actually struggling actress TAMSIN DREW (Niky Wardley). Whatever she did, she never seemed to get a callback. Then the Doctor took her under his wing, but his attitude to life and death sent her into the welcoming TARDIS of the Monk. Who will win the battle for Tamsin's loyalty? (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)

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