Cut off from his own planet, the first DOCTOR (William Hartnell) became a wanderer in space and time. He was initially unhappy to be joined on his travels by human companions, but he has gradually mellowed and learned to enjoy their company. His curiosity can get him into hazardous situations, but luckily his intelligence and ingenuity can usually get him out of them again… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)








































FrayedQuinnisTime and RelativeAn Unearthly ChildThe Masters of LuxorThe DaleksThe Edge of DestructionMarco PoloThe Sorcerer's ApprenticeThe Keys of MarinusFarewell, Great MacedonThe Fragile Yellow Arc of FragranceThe AztecsThe SensoritesThe Transit of VenusThe Reign of TerrorThe Witch HuntersHere There Be MonstersCity at World's EndPlanet of GiantsThe Time TravellersThe Dalek Invasion of EarthVenusian LullabyThe RescueByzantium!The RomansThe Eleventh TigerThe Web PlanetThe CrusadeThe Space MuseumThe PlottersThe ChaseThe Time MeddlerFrostfireThe Three DoctorsThe Empire of GlassThe SufferingGalaxy 4Mission to the UnknownThe Myth MakersThe Daleks' Master PlanThe Guardian of the Solar SystemThe Drowned WorldHome TruthsThe Perpetual BondThe Five DoctorsThe MassacreSalvationThe ArkThe Celestial ToymakerThe GunfightersMother RussiaBunker SoldiersThe SavagesThe Man in the Velvet MaskThe War MachinesThe SmugglersTen Little AliensThe Tenth Planet




The Doctor’s "granddaughter", SUSAN FOREMAN (Carol Ann Ford), aroused the suspicion of teachers Ian and Barbara by showing both extreme intelligence and ignorance of everyday matters. She was desperate to find a time and place where she could belong, but was forced to leave her happy life on Earth when her teachers became too curious… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Science teacher IAN CHESTERTON (William Russell) shared his colleague Barbara’s concerns about their pupil, Susan, and followed her home to the TARDIS. Sceptical Ian initially refused to believe the ship could travel in time, but after coming to terms with being a time traveller he would find that his bravery and ingenuity often saved the day in both the past and the future… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) BARBARA WRIGHT (Jacqueline Hill) was a history teacher at Coal Hill School, but never dreamed she would one day visit the past eras about which she taught. Kidnapped by the Doctor and taken from the London of 1963, she would soon adapt to life as a time traveller, her common sense and compassion helping to secure happy endings for many of their adventures… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)

VICKI (Maureen O’Brien), a lively teenager with a teasing sense of humour, was rescued by the Doctor from the wreck of a crashed spaceship on a distant planet in the far future. After many adventures, she would leave the TARDIS to start a new life as the lady Cressida, wife of Trojan prince Troilus, in Carthage, 1184 BC. (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Astronaut STEVEN TAYLOR (Peter Purves) was kept prisoner for two years by the Mechanoids with only a toy panda for company, until rescue came in the shape of the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki. His strength and chivalry would see him take on the mantle of protector for the various young women who would travel with him in the TARDIS… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) KATARINA (Adrienne Hill) SARA KINGDOM (Jean Marsh) was a loyal member of the Space Security Service in the year 4000, obeying orders without question – even to the extent of killing her own brother, Bret Vyon, in the belief that he was a traitor. Swept up in the Doctor’s adventures, Sara soon learned to think for herself… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)

What is OLIVER HARPER's (Tom Allen) secret? Dorothea Chaplet (Jackie Lane), or ‘DODO’ for short, accidentally stumbled into the TARDIS out of swinging London in 1966. She can be cheeky, mischievous, can play the piano and has a penchant for wearing miniskirts and beatle caps… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) When merchant seaman BEN JACKSON (Michael Craze) leapt to the defence of a girl he’d just met in a nightclub, he never dreamed it would lead to his travelling in a ship of another kind – the TARDIS. But he and the girl, Polly, were soon caught up in the Doctor’s adventures. Ben can be stubborn, but he is also fiercely loyal and brave… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Secretary POLLY WRIGHT (Anneke Wills) was part of the swinging 1960s scene – until she was taken over by WOTAN, a megalomaniac computer. The first Doctor came to the rescue, but accidentally carried Polly and her friend Ben off in the TARDIS with him, and wouldn’t take them home. Although Polly would often be scared on her travels, her quick wits would frequently save the day… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)

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