THE DOCTOR (Tom Baker) is a wild mix of humanity and alienness: compassionate but implacable, a clown who is capable of immense seriousness. This tall Time Lord always stands out in a crowd, with his toothy grin and mop of curly hair – not to mention the long scarf and pockets full of jelly babies that he is seldom without… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)



























































RobotThe Killing StoneThe Ark in SpaceThe Sontaran ExperimentGenesis of the DaleksA Device of DeathRevenge of the CybermenWolfsbaneTerror of the ZygonsPlanet of EvilManagraPyramids of MarsThe Android InvasionThe Brain of MorbiusEvolutionThe Seeds of DoomDoctor Who and the PescatonsSystem ShockThe Masque of MandragoraExploration Earth: The Time MachineThe Hand of FearThe Deadly AssassinGhost ShipMillennium ShockAsylumThe Face of EvilThe Robots of DeathLast Man RunningCorpse MarkerPsi-Ence FictionMatch of the DayThe Talons of Weng-ChiangThe Mahogany MurderersEye of HeavenDriftThe CatalystHorror of Fang RockEmpathy GamesThe Invisible EnemyImage of the FendahlThe SunmakersUnderworldThe Time VampireThe Invasion of TimeHornets' Nest: The Stuff of NightmaresHornets' Nest: The Dead ShoesHornets' Nest: The Circus of DoomHornets' Nest: A Sting in the TaleHornets' Nest: Hive of HorrorDemon Quest: The Relics of TimeDemon Quest: The Demon of ParisDemon Quest: A Shard of IceDemon Quest: StarfallDemon Quest: SepulchreThe Ribos OperationTomb of ValdemarThe Pirate PlanetThe Stones of BloodThe Shadow of Weng-ChiangHeart of TARDISFerril's FollyThe Androids of TaraThe Power of KrollThe Armageddon FactorThe Stealers from SaiphDestiny of the DaleksCity of DeathThe Creature from the PitThe Romance of CrimeThe English Way of DeathNightmare of EdenThe Beautiful PeopleThe Horns of NimonShadaThe Five DoctorsFestival of DeathThe Pyralis EffectThe Well-Mannered WarThe Iron Legion (Anthology)Dragon's Claw (Anthology)The Leisure HiveMeglosFull CircleState of DecayThe Invasion of E-SpaceWarriors' GateThe Keeper of TrakenLogopolis




BRIGADIER ALISTAIR GORDON LETHBRIDGE-STEWART (Nicholas Courtney) provides much-needed contrast to the Doctor’s flamboyant excesses. Their relationship is not without tension, however, as the Brigadier often seeks military solutions to alien incursions while the Doctor works to ensure a peaceful outcome... (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) SARAH JANE SMITH (Elisabeth Sladen) is an investigative journalist with Metropolitan magazine. She first encountered the Doctor while investigating the disappearances of a number of government scientists – an investigation that unwittingly led her to Castle Irongron in the middle ages! Dogged and wilful, Sarah Jane would go on to be one of the Doctor’s longest-serving travelling companions and most trusted friends. The shamelessly old-fashioned and incomparably clumsy HARRY SULLIVAN (Ian Marter) is a commissioned Surgeon-Lieutenant in the Royal Navy and UNIT’s chief medical officer. Harry first met the Doctor shortly after the Time Lord’s third regeneration, when he was called in by the Brigadier to oversee the resultant convalescence. Harry was inevitably drawn into an adventure featuring a giant robot, at the conclusion of which he was lured into the TARDIS… REGIMENTAL SERGEANT MAJOR JOHN BENTON (John Levene) is the senior NCO of UNIT’s British contingent. The ever-dependable Benton first encountered the Doctor as a corporal during the Cyberman invasion, following which he quickly rose through the UNIT ranks and eventually became one of the Doctor’s closest and most trusted friends during his period of exile. Sevateem warrior LEELA (Louise Jameson) is well-versed in combat and endowed with a pragmatic, even brutal approach to life. The Doctor would seek to engage her curiosity and in the process, mitigate her more aggressive tendencies; in a crisis, however, her well-honed instincts would frequently prove invaluable… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) HENRY GORDON JAGO (Christopher Benjamin), the ebullient manager of the Palace Theatre, London, found himself caught up in the Doctor’s adventures when his top of the bill act, Li H’sen Chang, kept a future war criminal in the theatre’s basement. Believing the Doctor to be a detective, Jago willingly helped ‘Scotland Yard’, his mask of bravado hiding real courage… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Police pathologist PROFESSOR GEORGE LITEFOOT (Trevor Baxter) assisted the Doctor and Leela in investigating a series of deaths in Victorian London. Despite having been brought up in China, Litefoot was the perfect English gentleman. He teamed up with unlikely ally Henry Gordon Jago, creating a memorable partnership, and helped to foil the plans of the evil Magnus Greel… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) K-9 (John Leeson and David Brierley) is a robotic dog created by Professor Marius. Ever alert to danger (and not shy about advertising the same), numerous incarnations of the mechanical canine would accompany the fourth Doctor and his companions on their adventures, offering them some much-needed logical advice… and a fair bit of firepower too. MIKE YATES (Richard Franklin) was the Brigadier’s number two at UNIT – until he betrayed the organisation through mistaken idealism, believing that ‘Operation Golden Age’ would save mankind. Mike was allowed to resign quietly and went to a meditation centre, but found himself caught up in another alien plot, which would lead to the third Doctor’s regeneration… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) MRS WIBBSEY (Susan Jameson) is the housekeeper of Doctor's cottage in Sussex, and occasional - unwilling! - travelling companion... 140 year-old Time Lady ROMANADVORATRELUNDAR (Mary Tamm), or simply ‘ROMANA’, was initially haughty and superior, sent by the White Guardian to help the Doctor on his quest to find the Key to Time, shortly after she graduated from the Gallifreyan Academy with a Triple First. Romana learned to respect the Doctor, but it took her a while to appreciate being constantly thrown into dangerous adventures… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) A Time Lady from the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey, ROMANA (Lalla Ward) boarded the TARDIS at the request of the White Guardian and later regenerated into this incarnation. Romana is a highly intelligent and capable traveller who does not suffer fools gladly… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Mathematical genius ADRIC (Matthew Waterhouse) found it hard to fit in on his home planet of Alzarius in E-space and decided to stow away in the TARDIS… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) NYSSA (Sarah Sutton) first met the Doctor when he battled the Master on her home planet of Traken. Later, the Watcher rescued her before Traken was destroyed by an entropy field, and took her to rejoin the Doctor. Scientist Nyssa is intelligent and logical, but also extremely kind-hearted. She is very empathic – perhaps due to possessing a degree of psychic ability… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Australian TEGAN JOVANKA (Janet Fielding) had been on her way to start her job as an air stewardess when she stumbled into the TARDIS. Forthright and impetuous, her sobriquet ‘a mouth on legs’ has been well-earned, but her brashness can’t quite hide her compassionate nature… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)

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