THE DOCTOR (David Tennant) is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. He's 903 years old. If there's danger, he's the man who's going to save your life - and everyone on your planet. Got a problem with that? (© BBC Website)
































































































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ROSE TYLER (Billie Piper) would journey from South London to the end of the world... and beyond! (© BBC Website) Battle-hardened from his time fighting the Cybermen on a parallel Earth, MICKEY SMITH (Noel Clarke) would ultimately become far more than just 'The Tin Dog'... (© BBC Website) SARAH JANE SMITH (Elisabeth Sladen) is an investigative journalist with an adopted son, a super computer and an instinct for adventure. She and the Doctor go way back... (© BBC Website) From runaway bride to galactic traveller, DONNA NOBLE (Catherine Tate) would give up the 9-5 routine to explore the Universe with the Doctor. Just don't assume that she and MARTHA JONES' (Freema Agyeman) adventures with the Doctor would equip her to help defend the Earth from aliens alongside UNIT and Torchwood. But she'll always have the Doctor on speed dial... just in case! (© BBC Website) CAPTAIN JACK HARKNESS (John Barrowman) is the dashing intergalactic rogue and indestructible man of action that now runs the Cardiff branch of Torchwood... (© BBC Website) ASTRID PETH (Kylie Minogue) is a stewardess serving on board the doomed space liner Titanic... (© BBC Website) LADY CHRISTINA DE SOUZA (Michelle Ryan) is extraordinary in everyway, including being a thief! (© BBC Website) MAJENTA PRYCE first met the Doctor in the Hotel Historia, but little did he know that she would soon be joining him on his travels... WILFRED MOTT (Bernard Cribbins) would be the tenth Doctor's final companion, but he's also Donna's Granddad; a newspaper seller; an amateur astronomer; and an alien conspiracy theorist. He's not allowed to have a webcam though - they're naughty! (© BBC Website) 

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