THE DOCTOR (Peter Davison) has been exploring the universe for hundreds of years. He fights injustice. He defeats evil. He helps people. In his fifth incarnation, the Doctor is more restrained in temper, calmer in attitude and visually younger than he used to be. He looks for the best in people and tries never to deliberately offend or cause trouble. Some may underestimate him because of his comparatively youthful nature, but those enemies who do, do so at their own risk… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)






























































CastrovalvaCold FusionFour to DoomsdayKindaThe VisitationDivided LoyaltiesBlack OrchidThe Darkening EyeEarthshockTime-FlightEmpire of DeathThe Land of the DeadWinter for the AdeptThe Mutant PhasePrimevalSpare PartsCreatures of BeautyThe GameCircular Time (Spring, Summer & Autumn)The Tides of Time (Anthology)Renaissance of the DaleksReturn to the Web PlanetThe Haunting of Thomas BrewsterThe Three CompanionsThe Boy that Time ForgotTime ReefA Perfect WorldCastle of FearThe Eternal SummerPlague of the DaleksThe Demons of Red Lodge and Other StoriesArc of InfinityOmegaFear of the DarkThe Sands of TimeZeta MajorSnakedanceTime CrashGoth OperaMawdryn UndeadTerminusEnlightenmentFreakshowCobwebsThe Whispering ForestThe Cradle of the SnakeThe King's DemonsThe Crystal BucephalusThe Five DoctorsThe Sirens of TimeRingpullworldWarriors of the DeepDeep BlueThe AwakeningThe King of TerrorFrontiosExcelis DawnsResurrection of the DaleksLords of the StormPhantasmagoriaImperial MoonLoups-GarouxSingularityPlanet of FireThe Ultimate TreasureRed DawnSuperior BeingsWarmongerExotronUrban MythsThe Eye of the ScorpionThe Church and the CrownNo Place Like HomeNekromanteiaBlood and HopeThe Axis of InsanityThe Roof of the WorldThree's a CrowdThe Council of NicaeaThe KingmakerThe Veiled LeopardThe GatheringCuddlesomeThe Four DoctorsSon of the DragonThe Mind's EyeThe Bride of PeladonMission of the ViyransThe Judgement of IsskarThe Destroyer of DelightsThe Chaos PoolPeri and the Piscon Paradox (Parts 1 & 2)The Caves of AndrozaniCircular Time (Winter)




Mathematical genius ADRIC (Matthew Waterhouse) found it hard to fit in on his home planet of Alzarius in E-space and decided to stow away in the TARDIS. However, he soon found himself in another universe and subsequently without his adopted family of the fourth Doctor and the second Romana. Despite Adric’s attempts to make himself useful, the fifth Doctor often seems irritated by or impatient with the boy… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) NYSSA (Sarah Sutton) first met the fourth Doctor when he battled the Master on her home planet of Traken. Later, the Watcher rescued her before Traken was destroyed by an entropy field, and took her to rejoin the Doctor. Scientist Nyssa is intelligent and logical, but also extremely kind-hearted. She is very empathic – perhaps due to possessing a degree of psychic ability… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Australian TEGAN JOVANKA (Janet Fielding) had been on her way to start her job as an air stewardess when she stumbled into the TARDIS. Forthright and impetuous, her sobriquet ‘a mouth on legs’ has been well-earned, but her brashness can’t quite hide her compassionate nature. Tegan stayed behind when the TARDIS landed at Heathrow, but when she met the Doctor again, she voluntarily rejoined his crew… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Devout Christian knight SIR JUSTIN was transported straight from a joust in the middle ages to the 20th century village of Stockbridge where he promptly collided with the Doctor’s TARDIS. Together the Doctor and Sir Justin would track down the demon Melanicus, who had been responsible for Sir Justin’s temporal displacement, and Sir Justin would smite the demon, but at great cost… London orphan THOMAS BREWSTER (John Pickard) survived the horrors of a Victorian workhouse, only to end up a ‘mudlark’ dragging salvage from the banks of the filthy Thames. When the Doctor and Nyssa helped free him from the clutches of entities using his dead mother’s image, Brewster repaid them by stealing the TARDIS! (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)BRIGADIER ALISTAIR GORDON LETHBRIDGE-STEWART (Nicholas Courtney) provided much-needed contrast to the third Doctor’s flamboyant excesses. Their relationship was not without tension, however, as the Brigadier often sought military solutions to alien incursions while the Doctor was working to ensure a peaceful outcome. They always retained a deep sense of mutual respect and friendship though; a friendship that would be rekindled in 1983... (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Originally from the planet Trion, Junior Ensign Commander VISLOR TURLOUGH (Mark Strickson) was masquerading as an English public schoolboy in 1983 when he met the Doctor. Lied to by the Black Guardian, Turlough was instructed to kill the Doctor, but after fighting off the malevolent entity’s influence, the pair would develop a close friendship… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) PERPUGILLIAM ‘PERI’ BROWN (Nicola Bryant) first met the Doctor in Lanzarote, when his companion Turlough saved her from drowning. A keen botanist, resourceful and compassionate, Peri also has an edgy side; a wry sense of humour that can infuriate her travelling companion… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) Upon the death of her father, Erimemushinteperem (Caroline Morris) - 'ERIMEM' for short – became the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. During an attempt on her life she met the Doctor and Peri, who were instrumental in saving her life. Before her coronation, the officials decided upon a different, male, Pharaoh – a decision that did not completely disappoint Erimem, who then joined the Doctor and Peri on their travels… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS) AMY (Ciara Janson) is one of two artificial lifeforms sent to our universe by the Grace, a race of pan-dimensional engineers. Both are living Tracers, designed with the sole purpose of locating and assembling the six segments of the Key to Time. This one selected the Doctor to be her assistant on a mission that will take them across space and time… (© BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS)

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