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Personally, I wouldn’t have thought that a bank would be a particularly good setting for a Doctor Who story. The high pressure world of finance is a potential sort of drama, to be sure, but not of the kind I that associate with the series. To be blunt, it would strike me as a boring setting for a Who adventure. I would, of course, be entirely wrong...








The latest trio of eleventh Doctor novels give us tales hinging on temporal twisting and timey-wimey shenanigans. As a result, they feel very much a part of the latest series, which has been far more concerned with achronological jiggery-pokery than ever before. Touched by an Angel takes this...








Paradox Lost is probably my favourite title for a Do-ctor Who novel since Return of the Living Dad (which nothing can match for punning brilliance). Now that’s out of the way, I can focus on the book. George Mann is a successful author who is no stranger to the Whoniverse, despite this being his first...








July’s audio exclusive comes from the pen of children’s screenwriter Darren Jones, whose credits range from Pinky and Perky all the way up to Dennis and Gnasher. Just like March’s Gemini Contagion, this project began at the Chelt-enham Screenwriters’ Festival in 2009, where its would-be...






Just how powerful is the Doctor? Is he an ordinary man, albeit one from another planet, who happens to have been in-volved in universe-rocking events? Or is he some kind of god, walking amongst the peoples of the universe, his human-like for-m merely a disguise? It’s a question that has been asked again recently in light of the increasingly powerful Doctor...














The Gunfighters has long-since held a position of not-oriety amongst Doctor Who serials. Whilst its viewing figures weren’t all that poor, its audience appreciation score was. In fact, so pitiable was its approval rating – 30% – that to this day there isn’t another Doctor Who story that has gone down as badly with the viewing public. However, The...





The Awakening always feels like a bit of an afterth-ought. When the series was released on VHS, it was bundled together with Frontios in a double-tape pack for no other reason than that one followed the other on transmission. Now, besides the dubious distinction of being the final fifth Doctor serial to be released on DVD, The Awakening must...






The name Tony Lee will already be familiar to readers of Doctor Who Magazine’s comic strip, who will have seen it ado-rning many a multi-coloured panel just next to the word story, but I’d wager that few of those readers ever expected to see it on a Big Finish by-line. Indeed, even with two scripts falling through for this slot, some might think it a little odd that...






Vortex readers visiting the site looking for our downloadable list showing where we think that the Big Finish releases fit in with televised stories (or, more accurately, vice-versa) need look no further. Please remember though - this is only our view, not Big Finish’s, and the list hasn’t been updated since the end of 2010.







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